Here are just some of the reviews from those who have read the early drafts.

"Wow wow wow – it is brilliantly written. Funny and very moving all at the same time. I have just spent the last hour at work reading it".


"I've just finished reading it. My word! We've all known (at a distance) what a terrible illness this is but, until now, I personally had no idea just how restricting, embarrassing, painful - I'm lost for words".


"I found it very moving and quite upsetting in places. It’s really unbelievable what he has gone through and still going through - what at star".


"Not being medical I found it both fascinating and horrific as to what he is going through and I know he won’t want my sympathy but that’s all I can say"


"Jon's book is really impressive. A true story, straight from the heart, packing a real punch - no holds barred".

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